Share the Road, Three Feet Please and more

Bicyling in Georgia isn’t always easy. Here are some articles from the USA Today last week on how some states are handling increases in the numbers of cyclists:

States give cyclists room to ride

Cyclists, motorists clash on rights to road

Don’t forget these local bike organizations:
Atlanta Bicycle Coaltion
Georgia Bikes!

From the Georgia Dept. of Transportation:
The Georgia DOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

More info. at:
The best way to educate motorists on bicyclists’ rights to the road is to ride respectfully and have facts on your side. Here are some resources for cyclists and drivers on sharing the road.
…the FIRST global tool for reporting, marking and sharing the geo-locations for cycling incidents and trouble spots.
The goal of Road Guardian is simple: to save lives. Our lives. And our success in meeting this goal depends upon all cyclists reporting, marking and sharing information on the danger points and trouble spots we encounter.
As a cyclist who spends a lot of time on the roads in traffic I have experienced numerous close calls. After one frustrating ride I decided to act. I designed a jersey with the words “3 Feet Please” on the back. I shared this idea with several fellow cyclists who thought this could make a difference. Fueled by their enthusiasm I placed an order for several hundred jerseys with Voler, built a website and launched a campaign to save lives. Currently, fifteen states* in the US have laws requiring motorists to give cyclists at least 3 feet of clearance when passing. These “3 foot laws” are a good step in making our roads safer for cyclists. The challenge is educating motorists about the law and reminding them to follow the law.

We all love riding our bikes. Most drivers are courteous and they give us space. But there are a large number of drivers who just don’t get it. They don’t get the fear that sweeps over us as they pass within inches of our bodies. And they don’t get how hitting us would change lives—theirs, ours and our families.

It’s my hope that this “3 Feet Please” jersey will remind drivers across the world to share the roads that belong to all of us and to give us at least 3 feet clearance as they pass. This will make our riding safer and far more enjoyable. But most importantly, it will reduce the numbers of cyclists who are injured or worse killed.

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