Burn Some Calories While Giving A Helping Hand


Clean up our neighborhood prior to the BBQ Bluegrass festival!

Please come out and help clean up Oakhurst in preparation for the BBQ Blues and Bluegrass Festival being held Saturday, 8/15/09. This event draws people from all over Atlanta and we want to look great so they come back and help support our local businesses. The Oakhurst Neighborhood Beautification Committee is sponsoring a litter pick up along East Lake, Oakview, Mead and Leyden on Saturday morning from 8-9am. They will meet in front of One Step at a Time with litter bags and gloves. If you are unable to make this time and would like to help, please feel free to pick up litter any time before the festival. Contact Joy Provost at provost.joy@gmail.com with any suggestions.

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