Sunday – Skateraid 2009

SkaterAid is an annual skateboard and music festival in Decatur, Georgia.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 . 3:00-8:00pm . East Decatur Station . 109 New Street (just west of the Avondale MARTA station off of College Ave) . $10 admission/$5 for students .

SILENT AUCTION OF ORIGINAL SKATEBOARD DECK ART: SkaterAid hosts an annual art show, auctioning off original art made with old skateboard decks. See the “PHOTOS” link to find your favorite. Check out the art “in person” at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur, Georgia, where it will hang from now until the event. Auction will be held at SkaterAid.



Bring your board and skate all day at SkaterAid. You’ll need a special skater wristband, available at the door. There is no extra charge for the skater wristband, but you’ll need to sign a waiver and check out the rules. Also, see contests, tricks, and shredding galore at the skateboard show hosted by Thomas Taylor of Stratosphere Skateshop.

Scavenger Hunt

Ages 10 and under. Search the SkaterAid event area for clues and win a prize.


Skateboard Deck Art – Silent Auction

SkaterAids annual deck art auction will return again this year. Bid on your favorite at the Brick Store Pub, or at the event.

Photobooth Phun

Capture your memories of SkaterAid in an old-time automatic photobooth. No one will know what you’re doing behind the curtain – unless you show them your photos of course.




See a full schedule of SkaterAids bands at the Performances link as the event approaches. All bands are composed of students from area high schools.



Burgers, Dogs and More

Don’t go hungry at SkaterAid! We’ll have plenty to eat – burgers, dogs, chips, pizza and more. We’ll also have plenty to drink, including cold beer if you’re over 21.




SkaterAid T-shirts in all sizes. This year – art by R. Land!




Lots of great prizes will be available through SkaterAid’s annual raffle. Buy a $1 ticket and you’ll have a chance to win gift certificates from area retailers and other great items.

SkaterAid: Contact

General Info

Laura Deming

  • 404.291.8450
  • document.write(”+’l’+’t’+’d’+’e’+’m’+’i’+’n’+’g’+’@’+’e’+’a’+’r’+’t’+’h’+’l’+’i’+’n’+’k’+’.’+’n’+’e’+’t’+”);

Promotion/General Info

Patrice Eastham

  • 1006 East Ponce De Leon Ave
  • Decatur
  • GA 30030
  • 404.373.8232
  • 404.625.6503
  • document.write(”+’p’+’a’+’t’+’r’+’i’+’c’+’e’+’.’+’e’+’a’+’s’+’t’+’h’+’a’+’m’+’@’+’g’+’m’+’a’+’i’+’l’+’.’+’c’+’o’+’m’+”);

Deck Art Auction

Patty O’Keefe Hutton

  • document.write(”+’p’+’o’+’k’+’e’+’e’+’@’+’s’+’k’+’a’+’t’+’e’+’r’+’a’+’i’+’d’+’.’+’n’+’e’+’t’+”);

Volunteer Coordinator

Cathy Keeler

  • document.write(”+’c’+’k’+’e’+’e’+’l’+’e’+’r’+’@’+’e’+’m’+’o’+’r’+’y’+’.’+’e’+’d’+’u’+”);

Donations/General Info

Volkmar Wochatz

  • 231 South Columbia Dr
  • Decatur
  • GA 30030
  • 404-378-5504
  • document.write(”+’w’+’o’+’b’+’r’+’y’+’@’+’m’+’i’+’n’+’d’+’s’+’p’+’r’+’i’+’n’+’g’+’.’+’c’+’o’+’m’+”);

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