Decatur Forum – Railroad Crossing

Please visit the Open City Hall Online Fourm for comments on the Candler & McDonough St. crossing. Let your voice be heard!

How would you redesign the existing railroad crossings at Candler and McDonough Streets to improve the safety and health of Decatur residents and visitors?

As part of its capital improvements program, the City of Decatur is considering options for improvements to the railroad crossings at Candler and McDonough Streets in downtown Decatur. The purpose of the work is to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and others using these facilities. Measures required to implement a Quiet Zone* in the railroad corridor are also being considered.

Additional information about the considered Railroad Crossing Improvements is available here.

The project is based on Decatur’s 2008 Community Transportation Plan. A major goal of the Community Transportation Plan is to encourage healthy lifestyles and active living in Decatur.

As you describe your thoughts about redesigning the railroad crossings, please answer these questions:

Q: Which of the following modes of travel do you or your family use to cross the CSX railroad line at McDonough Street and/or Candler Street:

  • on foot
  • in a vehicle
  • on bicycle
  • on a bus

Q: Of those modes, which one do you think is the most dangerous at the Candler Street intersection and needs safety improvements? At the McDonough Street intersection?

Q: Are you in favor of investing local resources in a Quiet Zone?

Q: Currently there are large areas along the railroad tracks that can be easily crossed by pedestrians. If implementing a Quiet Zone required erecting a fence the length of the railroad corridor through the city, would you still support implementing a Quiet Zone?

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