Well, the weather outside is frightful. If you are going to go out for a run, or fitness walk, or have to walk the dog, please remember the tips below (and drivers, please remember HEADLIGHTS ON during the snow and rain!):

-Let someone know you are going out for a walk/run. Warm up briefly before your walk/run (jumping jacks, stretch, etc.).

-Wear reflective clothing. If dark outside, have a mini-light/strobe light visible. Be visible at all times!!!

-Dress in layers to stay warm. Wear a hat. Wear gloves if cold enough outside.

-Don’t assume a driver of a vehicle can see you. Be extra careful crossing streets and intersections.

-Stay hydrated. Your body needs to be hydrated in cold weather just as warm weather.

-Watch your footing. Avoid puddles and ice.

-Do not exercise outside if the rain is accompanied by lightning or thunder.

-Carry a cell phone with you in a plastic bag or waterproof carrying case.

-Get out of wet clothes after the run/walk, but don’t forget to stretch.

And remember, Spring is coming soon!

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