A Very Cold but Fun Georgia Walk/Bike to School Day!

Brrr…it was a very cold morning, but that didn’t stop a better than expected number of students and parents from walking and biking to school today! Below are photo’s from Oakhurst Elementary. Decatur Active Living staff and volunteers will be at Clairemont, Oakhurst, Winnona Park and Glennwood again this afternoon. Thanks to y’all students and parents for participating today for the 1st ever official Georgia Walk/Bike to School Day!! And ask DAL’s Greg White for a cool new Decatur SRTS pencil.

P.S. Decatur Active Living staff members were at work at 5:20 am today preparing for the event, a big thanks to them!

More info. at:

Patricia Moncure, a Decatur Safe Routes to School parent Volunteer, and her children

Michael Orta, a SRTS Parent Volunteer, and his son Daniel

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