March 27 – Decatur Electronics Recycling Day

Decatur Electronics Recycling Day
SPRING 2010 Event Scheduled for March 27, 2010 at Decatur High School Parking Lot

NOTE: Early drop offs are not possible.

Don’t throw away that old cell phone, camera or PC component! Save it and recycle it on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at Decatur’s Spring Electronics Recycling event. This semi-annual event has been hugely successful at diverting electronic equipment from landfills, where they may contaminate soil and water. Batteries will be accepted.

TV’s will be recycled for a minimal fee of $10 cash only per TV set with exact change. There is no charge to recycle other items. The event takes place Saturday, March 27th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Decatur High School Parking lot, on the corner of N. McDonough St. and W. Howard Avenue. Electronics dropped off that day will be sorted and disassembled into raw materials or cleaned for re use.

In addition to electronics, any metro area resident can also drop off batteries of any type. Volunteers assist in unloading items. To volunteer, please contact Sandy Johnson at 404-377-5571.

Early drop offs are not possible. For additional information call Sean Woodson, 678-898-8562.

Electronic Equipment for Recycling: See updated list for items that will be accepted at the Spring 2010 Event:

Almost anything with an electrical cord can be recycled at the event EXCEPT microwave ovens, furniture, light fixtures, household appliances, lamps, vacuum cleaners. We will recycle for free: desktop computers, telephones, mini-towers, telephony equipment, laptop computers, adding machines, monitors, calculators, servers, typewriters, workstations, label makers, keyboards, copiers, mice, fax machines, joystick game controllers, answering machines, printers, printer cartridges, digital cameras, zip drives, batteries, speakers, PDAs, pagers, VCRs, hubs, DVD players, routers, cable converter boxes, scanners, remote controls, digital projectors, stereo equipment, UPS units, radios, main frames, portable CD players, component parts, portable game players, cables, GPS receivers, 3-in-1 devices (printer/copier/fax machines), electric lawn mowers and garden equipment and all types of batteries. We will recycle television sets for $10 exact change.

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