Scott Garden Club Workday

The Scott Garden Club had a workday last Saturday, 3/20 with a great participation- over a dozen members weeded, pruned and shared their gardening expertise with their neighbors. The Native Garden is in great shape with new growth on perennials and shrubs. The arbor rose and trumpet vine were trimmed. Compost was turned and available for refurbishing the garden beds. One of the gardeners rototilled several beds for fellow gardeners.

This followed our meeting on 3/18 where an excellent program was given on practical approach to organic gardening by Rachael Caplan (Gaia Gardens at East Lake Commons Co-Housing). Much emphasis was given to using cover crops and leaf mulch to enhance and rehabilitate the soil. Gaia is a CSA, community supported agriculture site and complies with USDA organic gardening certification requirements.

Kathy Hightower, DeKalb Master Gardener/Scott Garden Co-site Leader

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