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Lawns to Lettuce – Front Yard Makeover, Decatur Garden Tour

For the 2010 Decatur Garden Tour, one front yard will be transformed from its current state to a lush and productive food garden!

Tired of mowing your front lawn? Of a plain green (or maybe not-so-so-green) front yard? Want some fresh tomatoes at your front door? Some flowers and basil and lettuce and cilantro? Turn your front yard into an edible landscape with the help of the experts at the Oakhurst Community Garden Project on behalf of the Decatur Garden Tour committee!

The committee is looking for a sunny front yard that can be transformed into a bountiful food garden. The OCGP will design an edible landscape tailored to your taste and wishes, help you choose and find the plants,
and help you install the garden. You will care for the garden and harvest the produce, and your garden will be on the Decatur Garden Tour.

To qualify: Your front yard needs to be within the City of Decatur limits. Your front yard will also be featured on the 2010 Decatur Garden Tour, held September 25 and 26. The OCGP will provide the edible landscape design, some of the work required to install the garden, some of the summer vegetable plants, advice with maintaining the garden over the summer and beyond; the owner will provide the balance of the work to
install the garden, the balance of the plant material, the materials needed to establish the garden (mulch, compost, leaves, etc.), and the maintenance of the garden over the summer and beyond.

How to apply: by 5 April, send to OCGP your name, address, and a short letter indicating why you are interested in this project, by snail-mail, 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA 30030, or e-mail

The winning front yard will be chosen by 15 April and its owner contacted by that date; the official announcement will be made on the Earth Day (18 April) celebration at the Oakhurst Garden.

Free Gardening Workshops for CSD Families – Seed Sowing this Sunday

Funded by a Kaiser Permanente grant received by the Decatur Education Foundation, the Oakhurst Community Garden Project is proud to announce upcoming workshops that are both FREE and open to City Schools of Decatur families.

Who can come? Priority is given to families with children enrolled in the City Schools of Decatur. How many spots are available? We have room for 20 families.

Space is limited. We ask that you RSVP in advance. Please contact Myriam Van Dorp to reserve your family’s spot. Ocgp@oakhurstgarden.org, (404) 371-1920.

March 28, 3-5 p.m. – Seed Sowing Workshop
Are you a first time gardener or maybe looking for creative ways to get your children to appreciate the joys of gardening? Are you interested in gardening but have limited backyard space. If this sounds like you, come learn the basics of spring and summer gardening and get a head start on your Spring and Summer gardens. During this workshop you will be introduced to the variety of summer vegetables you can plant, learn the basics of plant care, and plant some seeds to take home. We will also explore container vegetable gardens, seed spacing, and pest control.

April 17th, 10 a.m.-noon – Bees for Beginners
Explore the important role of pollinating insects in your garden through an up close look at our honeybees. In this workshop you will explore honeybee behavior, biology, and importance through creative games and
activities. You will even get to taste some honey! You and your family will also learn about the flowers you can plant to attract butterflies to your garden, turning an ordinary backyard into a wildlife habitat. Come celebrate Earth Day this year while helping to promote responsible environmental stewardship!

May 1st, 10 a.m.-noon – Bug Day!
Creepy, crawly bugs are everywhere! They are the neighbors that you\ rarely see, and when you do, often they are not welcome. But bugs are an essential ingredient in the chain of life. Children will especially enjoy this hands-on craft workshop. They will create and take home models of various bugs at different stations in the garden. In the process, they will learn about insects and how to identify them, opening their eyes to a world of discovery.

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