Recycling Information for Coaches and Parents

Coaches, Parents and Team Leaders we are reaching out to you to discuss how you can help reduce the amount of trash generated at practices and games.  Thank you for volunteering to support the City’s Active Living goals, and this is a way you can support our sustainability goals as well.  Here are some ways that you can help reduce waste and encourage recycling at athletic facilities:

1. Send reminders for participants to bring a reusable water bottle to all practices and games.

2. Encourage the use of water instead of juice boxes or sport drinks.

3. Make sure that disposable bottles and cans get placed in a recycling bin. If there is no bin readily available at your practice or event site, please email Lena Stevens at

4. Once your game or practice is over have some fun with your team.  Have the players to survey the practice/game site for bottles, cans and trash.  This is a great teaching tool to make them responsible citizens.  Coaches you may want to have some work gloves in your ball bags.


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