Move It Monday – Dance your way to happiness!


Want to have fun and still get some cardio? We recommend a little boogie-woogie. This Monday, dance to improve your mood, your heart, and your life!

No matter what kind of dance you do – swing, waltz, tap, modern – when you dance, you move your arms and legs and strengthen your core. This adds up to great cardio, which means weight management, a stronger heart and lungs, and reduced stress.
Click here to learn all the physical and mental benefits of dancing.

Coming Soon…Videos for Youth by Youth

Athletic videos_ For Youth By Youth

We know that the community misses the youth sports programs that Decatur Active Living offers during “normal” times. However, just because there are no youth sports doesn’t mean that you can’t practice  drills, enhance your skills or  engage in body and mind conditioning.

In the coming weeks, our Athletic staff will be posting a series of videos on our website to assist you with staying active and keeping your athletic skills sharp.

These videos are created  By Youth: For Youth. You may just see one of your friends or teammates leading a video!


There is Still Time….


There is still time to complete the Virtual Bike Month checklist and get your I Bike Decatur bandanna.

We will mail it to you as soon as we get your email. Be sure to send in your address!

We hope you have enjoyed this activity; be on the look out for our June Walk Challenge.

Decatur Active Living wants you to #stayactivedecatur!



Wearing a Bike Helmet Properly

Wearing a bike helmet improperly is the same as not wearing a bike helmet at all.


Fitting a Helmet:
•    Place it on your head without fastening the straps
•    There should be a two-fingers width between your eyebrows and helmet
•    There should be little movement when you shake your head from side to side
•    You will want to start out with the smallest size– you may have to try on different sizes and brands of helmets until you find one that fits

Adjusting Your Helmet:
•    The side straps should come to a point just below your ears forming a “Y” shape
•    When your mouth is closed, there should be about half an inch between the chin strap and your chin

Bike Month Continues!

tony leung
Cyclist Tony Leung with his bandanna

Have you completed the Virtual Bike Month Checklist? It is not too late- we know you want the cooling bandanna prize!

On the rainy days, you can watch some of the videos on the League of American Bicyclists web site and learn more about cycling.

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition offers some free online classes.

Stay safe out there!

Celebrate Memorial Day with Buddy Bison

From the National Park Trust:


The Memorial Day holiday marks the beginning of warmer weather, outdoor adventures, and the approach of summer days. More importantly it is a day of remembrance and occurs during National Military Appreciation Month. This is a time when we reflect on the things that we value about our country and pay tribute to those who protect it every day.

Celebrate Memorial Day with our mascot Buddy Bison by writing a patriotic shape poem and learning about how Civil War soldiers communicated while on the battlefield. Then virtually explore the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C, and visit park sites like the Vietnam Veterans and World War II Memorials.


Cycling Safely Around the City

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is offering free virtual bike classes. Register for the Virtual City Cycling Class on Wednesday, May 27, at 5:30 pm. This class will improve your experience and safety as you ride around the city.

Can’t make this class? Then check out some of the Smart Cycling videos from The League of American Cyclists.

Make sure your bicycle is in working order before taking it out for a spin by doing the ABC Bike check.

Air: Be sure you have enough air in your tires
Brakes: Look to see that your brake pads are not worn
Chain and Cranks: Pull on your cranks to see that they are not loose and look to see that the chain is not rusted and it is free of gunk
Quick Release: Make sure all quick releases are closed
Check: Take a slow brief ride to check that your bike is working properly


Healthy Monday: Get Thrifty With Your Fitness


From our friends at the Monday Campaigns:

Exercise equipment can be expensive, cumbersome, and bulky, which is why it often ends up covered in cobwebs rather than sweat. But you don’t need a  treadmill, weights or a squat rack to build muscle at home; with a little creativity, you can fashion a number of household items into fitness gear.

If you want to recreate the feeling of free weights, look no further than your kitchen or pantry. Cans of soups or beans typically weigh 1 – 2 pounds. They are also the right shape to fit snuggly in the palm of your hand, making them perfect for bicep curls and tricep extensions. The next door to explore is that of your refrigerator. A gallon of liquid (juice, milk, water, etc.) weighs approximately 8 – 9 pounds.  These bottles are easy to grip, which is why they’re useful for exercises that engage a number of muscle groups like body squats, lunges, or shoulder presses.

Visit our blog to learn what kitchen items you can use for a great core workout!

Youth Baseball Season Cancelled

It is with regret that Decatur Active Living has made the decision to cancel the 2020 youth baseball season due to COVID-19. After reviewing CDC guidelines, group gathering guidelines and the Governor’s Executive Order, the decision was made to look at youth sports from a public health perspective.  Our first priority is to keep the Decatur community and City of Decatur employees safe.

Decatur Active Living looks forward to seeing you for Youth Baseball Season 2021!

Enjoy some photos from the 2019 Opening Day:

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Celebrate “Parks to Kids Day”

kids ot park day

This Saturday is Kids to Parks Day and this year the National Park Trust is bringing the parks to you by celebrating it as Parks to Kids Day! In honor of their 10th anniversary, they have provided 10 ways to explore the outdoors without leaving your neighborhood.

You can download their ap or get the activities on their website.