The Active Living Neighborhood Softball Tournament is May 11

Get your teams together and play with your neighbors and citizens of the greater Decatur area!

When:  Saturday, May 11; games begin at 10 am
Where:  All games will be played at McKoy Park, 1006 Adams Street

General Rules:

  1. Single elimination tournament.
  2. Teams must have 4 females on the field at all times.
  3. Only 1 male player will be permitted in the pitcher-catcher combo.
  4. Batting order must have 1 female batting between two males.
  5. Walks – If a male player is walked, the next female batter will automatically take a base.

For more information contact:

Stacy Green @ 678-553-6549 or
Jada Jordan @ 404-805-0998 or

Jada Jordan @ 404-805-0998 or

Join us for National Walking Day on April 3

Confident Urban Bicyclist Class is March 30

Confident Urban Bicyclist Class (1)

Touch a Truck is March 23!

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Join Decatur Active Living on Saturday, March 23 from 10 am until 1 pm for the annual Touch-a-Truck Event. This fun community event gives children of all ages an opportunity to touch, explore and see their favorite trucks or equipment on wheels.  The City of Decatur and DeKalb County dump trucks, fire trucks, tractors, police cars and motorcycles and many other types of vehicles will be on display.

Ride the train! This year’s Touch a Truck event will be held in the East Lake MARTA station NORTH lot. We encourage visitors to ride the train to the event and make this a family field trip!

Register your bike!  We encourage folks to ride their bike to the event to have it registered by the Decatur Police Department. All those who ride their bike to the event will also receive a special bike pin!

Food Drive! March is National Nutrition Month, a campaign that focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. When you come to Touch-A-Truck, join in the effort by bringing any canned or non-perishable food item. All items will be delivered to DEAM, Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry.

Touch-a-Truck takes place in the East Lake MARTA station NORTH parking lot on DeKalb Avenue.

Parking is limited so consider riding the train, walking or biking to the event.

For more information, contact Cheryl Burnette 678-553-6541 or Be sure to visit for up-to-date information on all Active Living programs throughout the year. In the event of rain, the event will be held on May 4.

This year’s event is sponsored by the City of Decatur and MARTA.

Third Friday Bike Ride Returns March 15


Don your green and join Decatur Active Living for the  Third Friday Bike Ride on Friday, March 15! We will be channeling our inner Irish and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a 6 mile bike ride around the city. This is a no-drop ride – we ride at a social pace and no one will be left behind.

Meet in front of the Decatur Recreation Center; wheels down at 6:30 pm.  After the ride we will visit a local watering hole for refreshment and camaraderie. 

Be sure to wear a helmet and bring a water bottle.

In the case of inclement weather, check back here for updates.

Move It Monday: Eat Healthy for a Better Workout

move it monday

From our friends at Move It Monday:

When you’re getting ready for your next workout, remember that you’ll need to fuel up before and after you get moving. The right foods will help you get the most out of any exercise you choose to do and help your body recover when it’s over. This Monday, make sure your grocery list includes nutritious foods that will do your body good!

Even if you stick to low-impact exercise, eating the right kind of nutritious foods will help optimize your workout and get you in shape to come back for more. When it comes to fitness, think carbs! Carbohydrates are the key to fueling your workouts and helping you recover later. As a pre-workout food, reach for fruits and vegetables or whole grains. Save protein for after your workout since it digests more slowly and might slow you down.

One thing to do before, during, and after your workout is hydrate. The best choice is always water! You can also blend your water with fruit juice to give it a boost of natural carbohydrates. It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, even if you don’t break a sweat.

If you do engage in exercise that is more high-impact, pay closer attention to the foods you eat as well as staying hydrated. Vigorous activity will make you sweat and you’ll have to replace the water you lose. Increase your usual water intake and eat hydrating fruits and vegetables like watermelon, celery, cucumbers, and strawberries. One excellent option post-workout is milk, which not only provides the benefits of hydration but also contains protein to repair your muscles.

Starting a healthy diet and regular exercise this Monday will not only benefit your physical health, they can provide the energy that you need to power through your busiest days!

For more information visit

Move It Monday: Exercise During Your Lunch Hour

move it

From our friends at Move It Monday:

Do you experience the 3:00 PM slump on weekday afternoons? Try adding a mid-day workout! Using your lunch hour to get some physical activity may have positive effects on the way you work during the day. You don’t even have to break a sweat (unless you want to)! This Monday, start incorporating an exercise routine into your work day to keep your body moving and your mind sharp.

The Center for Disease Control recommends that people of all fitness levels and ages get about 150 minutes of moderate-level activity a week – or 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Many people find it difficult to commit to a routine when they have busy lives, but if you start establishing a daily habit this Monday, it can become a normal part of your life that you won’t give a second thought! Those 30 minutes a day can also happen in smaller increments. Using your lunch break to move around for 10, 15, or 20 minutes can make a noticeable difference in how you feel.

Studies have shown that exercise impacts your cognitive performance by improving concentration, memory, creativity, and the ability to learn new things. Exercise is also a proven stress reducer, which can come in handy if you’ve been having a hectic day. So, what can you do during your lunch hour to get moving? Plenty of things!

One of the best exercises you can do is walking, an easy, cardiovascular activity that will help you clear your mind and work some muscles. Another idea is a simple yoga routine that can be done at your desk or while seated in a chair. Yoga provides another great opportunity to practice mindfulness so you can refresh your mind and body before returning to work. There are also plenty of mini-workouts you can do to wake yourself up, get your blood flowing, and get toned. For the truly dedicated fitness buff, use the time to hit the gym!

If you’re wondering when to eat if you’re using your lunch hour for a workout, eat something light and nutritious  before you get moving then have a healthy lunch when you return. Stick to a schedule and you won’t miss a beat!

Monday is a great day to start a new routine. Adding a workout to your lunch hour is a great way to make the most of your free time and keep yourself moving – and productive!

Move It Monday: Dance With Someone You Love!


From our friends at Move It Monday:

Looking for some enjoyable activities you can do with your partner to get moving this Monday? Why not get started on the right foot with some dancing!

Dancing is often considered a social activity so its many health benefits can be overlooked.  While certainly entertaining, dancing is also an excellent form of physical activity that offers a broad range of benefits. It’s good for your heart and can improve muscular strength, balance, and flexibility.

But wait, there’s more! Getting fit with a partner can bring unexpected rewards such as quality time with your partner, improve your mood, and make it easier and more enjoyable to commit to fitness.

Ready to dance? Get started today!

  • You don’t need to be an expert – it’s easy to find a class with a good instructor at your local gym, recreation center, or dance studio.
  • There is no equipment necessary, except a good pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Dancing can be for everyone. If you or your partner need special accommodations, seek out adapted special needs classes. Many facilities are committed to providing all-access classes.

Spend quality time on the dance floor with your partner this Monday for a fulfilling and shared fitness experience. Move It Monday is an international campaign encouraging people of all fitness levels to kick off the week with exercise.

An Early Article about the “Velocipede”


An article from 1869:

In Atlanta, GA, yesterday’s “Constitution” has this article about the latest National trend that has reached the Southland: “Velocipede Club.—We learn that a Velocipede Club will shortly be organized in the Gate City (Atlanta), a little on the exclusive order, as only men of weight and standing will be admitted as members. A former judge of the county Court; a renowned rock mason; ‘our fat boy’ (?), and a gentleman from Milton county, it is said, will be among the first contestants for the prize for skillful practice on the ‘wooden horse’”…..It is in this year that the two-wheel velocipede will begin to be called “bicycle”…..

Valentines Dance for Grades 1 – 3

valentines dance2