Congratulations to Decatur Tomatoes for Winning the Championship in the Chattanooga Challenge (July 27-28).

The Decatur Tomatoes represented the City of Decatur well in the 2013 Summer Chattanooga Challenge in Chattanooga Tennessee. The Decatur Tomatoes were the over all winners for their age bracket and claimed the name Chattanooga Challenge Champions.
In the summer of 2011 Coach Don Rigger convinced the Athletic Department to add another program to the list of programs offered. With the help of Coach Rigger, DAL created a Summer Lacrosse team composed of Decatur High School players that would play in tournaments throughout the summer. The players came up with the name DECATUR TOMATOES. The team has won several tournaments throughout the years that they have been competing. DAL proudly displays the hardware in the trophy case located in the Rec’s lobby. Coach Don Rigger has managed the team and the coaches are formal Decatur High School Lacrosse Players.


Decatur Active Living would like to remind you that Decatur Active Living Fall Lacrosse Clinic Registration is going on now. Boys clinic for ages 6-10 years will be held September 22-October 27 and clinics for girls ages 6-14 will be held October 13- November 17.
The clinic for girls will be divided into skill levels: Beginners (ages 6-14) Intermediate (7-10) and Advance (11-14).
Participants can register via Web Trac or in person at Decatur Rec (231 Sycamore Street).


Neighborhood Coed Basketball Tournament

In an effort to bring the City of Decatur Community together, the Athletic Department offers Neighborhood fun tournaments for the citizens. We will be hosting a Neighborhood Fun Basketball Tournament on Friday, April 19, 2013 and Saturday, April 20, 2013 (times will depend on the number of teams). This event is a fun way to give the citizens of Decatur a fun way to meet one another. You don’t have to be a former NBA player to participate. If you shoot hoops in the park or in your drive way then this is the tournament for you. Championship game will be played on Saturday, April 20. Games will be played at the newly renovated Decatur Recreation Center, 231 Sycamore Street.

General Rules:
All teams are coed and must have two females on the court at all times
This is a single elimination tournament
Participants must be 18 or older (no high school students).

If your neighborhood is interested or if you would like to participate as a single player please contact Stacy Green at 678-553-6549 or Stacy. This event is free to the City of Decatur Residents.

Decatur Active Living Youth Sports… Keeping kids active and happy!

Decatur Active Living Youth Sports Program is in full swing for the fall.  Whether it is kicking, throwing, running or just having a great time with friends we have you covered.

The Fall Soccer Season kicked off on Saturday, September  15,  with a FREE soccer clinic. Majestic Soccer Club conducted the fall clinic for all the 2012 Fall Soccer Participants. Soccer games began on Saturday, September 22.  Games are played on Saturdays at Ebster, Jones Boys and Girls Club and Glenlake Field. 

Soccer Fact:  Decatur Active Living’s soccer program continues to grow. This season we added four more teams to the mini league and 2 more teams to the 6-7 division.  We also fielded two ALL girls team in the 8- division.  

Click to View Full-Screen Image

Soccer isn’t the only sport that we are offering in the Fall. There is also flag football which is offered to boys and girls ages 5-10.  Games are played on Sundays at Jones Boys and Girls Club.

Flag Football Fact: Flag Football continues to grow.  The number of girls in the program has doubled.

Then there is the ever popular and growing lacrosse program. This Fall not only did DAL offer the traditional boys Fall clinics but we added a girls clinic and a intramural boys program as well. You will witness over 80 plus kids on Ebster Field on Sundays learning or polishing their lacrosse skills. 

Lacrosse Fact:  This Fall 40 new kids were introduced to the game of lacrosse through the Fall Lacrosse Clinics.  DAL offers a Monday/Wednesday and a Tuesday/Thursday lil’ lax class, this season both classes were filled to capacity.

Don’t miss out on the fun for the 2012-2013 Youth Basketball Season.

Registration going on now!!

Decatur Tomatoes Shut Down the Carolina Summer Shootout!

The weekend of July 13, Decatur Active Living’s, “Decatur Tomatoes” Lacrosse team, packed their lacrosse gear and headed to Greensboro North Carolina to participate in the Carolina Summer Shootout.  These young men represented Decatur Active Living well by leaving with a 5-0 tournament record.  The team played hard during the games with games ending in close scores and  with two ending in a  “Braveheart” (Brave Heart  Phrase A fun alternative to overtime played in some lacrosse summer and charity tournaments where two players from each team take the field, a goalkeeper and a middie. The two middies face off and go one on one full field until one scores). 
 This was a great opportunity for many of the upcoming high school juniors and seniors to showcase their skills for college coaches and to give the younger players an opportunity to play more competitive lacrosse. At the end of the tournament the coaches chose 40 of the top players to showcase their skills in an All Star game. Four of these players came for the Decatur Tomatoes team (Ben Rigger, Nathan Wilinksi, Simeon Johnson and Nick Bentley).  Congratulations to Decatur Tomatoes for representing Decatur well and a special thanks to Wytch Rigger and Connor Stubbs, former and original DAL and DHS lacrosse players who spent their Summer Break from college to coach these young men.

Decatur Tomatoes All Stars
Ben Rigger, Nick Bentley, Simeon Johnson and Nathan Wilinski

It’s Time to Register for Fall Sports

Don’t miss out on these great Fall Sports:

Soccer:  Mini Soccer ages 4-5. League Soccer ages 6-11. Practices and games are held on local fields in Decatur. Registration begins August 4.  Practices begins the week of September 10 and games begin Saturday, September 22.  Mini Soccer is a 6 week program and League Soccer is a 8 week program.
Mini Soccer Fees  $70;$50               League Fees:   $145;$110

Flag Football:  Ages 5-10.  Games will be played on Sundays beginning September 23. Registration begins Saturday, September 1

Fall Lacrosse Clinics:  Girls ages 6-9.  Girls lacrosse clinic will be held on Sundays beginning October 7 on Ebster Field from 1:00pm-3:00pm.
Boys ages 6-10. Boys lacrosse clinic will be held on Sundays beginning September 23 on Ebster Field. 
These six week clinics are a great way to introduce your child to the game of lacrosse.
Registration begins Saturday, September 1.  Fee: $75.00

Lil’ Lax:  Ages 4-6.  Introduction class into the game of lacrosse. Participants can register for Monday/Wednesday class or Tuesday/Thursday class. Classes are 4 weeks. Classes begin Monday, October 1 or Tuesday, October 2.  Registration begins Saturday, September 1

Lil’ Kickers: Ages 3-5. Introduction class into the game of soccer. Participants can register for Monday/Wednesday class or Tuesday/Thursday class. Classes are 4 weeks.   Registration begins Saturday, September 8


Centre College Lacrosse team pairs up with Decatur Youth Lacrosse

Connor Stubbs former DAL and DHS Lacrosse player

Decatur’s very own Connor Stubbs, who started his lacrosse years in Decatur Active Living lacrosse program (and former lacrosse player for Decatur High School) came home to give back to Decatur Youth Lacrosse.  Not only did Connor come but he brought his entire college team with him.

Centre College (the Colonels) from Danville, Kentucky conducted a lacrosse clinic for the Decatur Youth Junior and Senior Lacrosse Players.  Centre College had the opportunity to use Ebster as a practice site for their upcoming lacrosse game. After completing their practice the team returned to conduct an hour and a half lacrosse clinic for Decatur Lacrosse players.  The players had the opportunity to learn new skills and fundamentals.  Centre College players were amazed by the number of kids that came out to the clinic.  They were also impressed by the Decatur Lacrosse skills that they witnessed. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun, the  College Players or the Youth Players.

Coach Severns indicated that he will keep his eyes on Decatur Lacrosse players for future Connor Stubbs.

"Thanks Centre College"

4th and 5th Grade Valentine’s Dance

The Dance Off

Decatur Active Living would like to thank all the 4th and 5th graders for attending the Annual Valentine’s Dance. There were over seventy-four boys and girls to attend.  The kids had a wonderful time, dancing (doing the “wobble” and “cupid shuffle”), playing games, taking pictures, competing in the dance off and enjoying pizza and punch. 

The Valentine Dance had the kids flipping


Musical Chairs "no touching the chair"


It's "wobble" time


Decatur Lacrosse Continues to Grow!


Who would have known 10 years ago (2002)  people would be so accepting of kids running around with sticks.  That would be lacrosse sticks. :-).  As the Athletic Program Supervisor for Decatur Active Living it still amazes me today, that the sport many kids in Decatur had never seen or heard of, has become on of our biggest programs that we offer. From starting with two teams in the 10-11 division (no girls team) and now having a total of 12 teams (8 boys teams and 4 girls teams)  ranging from first graders to 8th graders is just one of the stories I like to “brag” about.   The league currently uses Ebster, Renfroe and the Boys and Girls Club fields for games.  Practices fields are local fields in the City of Decatur.  League games are typically played on Saturdays and Sundays and Practices are held Monday-Thursday. Decatur is one of the only teams located within the perimeter.  Teams are often finding themselves traveling to Roswell, Forsyth, Alpharetta and Peachtree City for away games.  The fun and the excitement of the game, league and season helps to take your mind off the travel time.

Not only does Decatur Active Living offer League Lacrosse  in the Spring, but we offer a Summer Lacrosse Camp (Bulldog Lacrosse) a Fall Clinic and Lil’ Lax (for kids 3-5). 

Relaxing after a day of lacrosse

Lil' Lax Class









Pre Season Highlights: 

  • The addition of girls lacrosse for grades 1st-3rd
  • The increase of boys lacrosse from 2 teams in the 1st-3rd grade division, to 4 teams.
  • Increase in the number of participants
  • League filled two weeks before registration was scheduled to end. 
  • Former Decatur Lacrosse players (Paul Gillig, Margaret Johnson and Kirby Dubose) returning as coaches

On Sunday, January 29th Decatur Active Living offered a free Lacrosse Clinic to new and returning players.   There were over 100 kids to come out to the clinic.  The clinic was offered to both boys and girls.  Thanks to the coaches that assisted and to Decatur High School Boys Lacrosse team for their continued support of Decatur Lacrosse. 

So many little ones

Learning to do a face-off


Learning the basic techniques

Lacrosse Registration Is Going On Now!

Grab your stick and join in on the fun with Decatur Lacrosse! Decatur Active Living offers leagues for children grades 1st-8th.  Each player receives a jersey, shorts and an end-of-the season award.  Practices will be held at local schools and fields, beginning the week of January 30th.  Games will begin February 25th for all ages.  

Lacrosse Just for Girls!  Decatur Active Living will offer ALL GIRLS Lacrosse for girls in grades 1st -8th.

Participants cannot participate in GRPA competition and school activities during the same period.  This applies to both public and private schools.

Information At-A-Glance

Registration begins:  December 10- January 23

(or until spaces are filled)

Parents meeting: January 28th  
Practices begin: Week of January 30th at local schools and parks
Season begins: Saturday, February 25th



Boys Lacrosse    $145; $110 Decatur resident

Girls Lacrosse     $145; $110 Decatur resident

Those applying for financial assistance must pay a minimum of $25; only City of Decatur residents may apply.


Game days/location: All games will be played on Saturdays.  Teams will play both home and away games.


For More Information Contact

Stacy Green, 678-553-6549;

 Lindsey Struck, 678-553-6550;

Thanks Decatur High School Basketball Players for a Wonderful Clinic

Decatur Active Living would like to say thanks to Coach Copp and Decatur High School’s Boys Varsity Basketball players for conducting such a wonderful basketball clinic on Sunday, November 20 to kick off the 2011-2012 Basketball Season.  Special thanks to the three Varsity Girls Players that stuck around to help out.  The players got the opportunity to meet the players and learn some basic skills.  As always, the defense station was the biggest hit.  Players love learning how to take a charge. 

INTERESTING FACT:  Many of the Decatur High School’s players  once played in Decatur Active Living’s league.  It wasn’t many years ago that they too participated in the clinic and now they are conducting the clinics. 

Decatur Youth Basketball Night Friday, January 20th.