Scavenger hunt

Let’s come up with a fun scavenger hunt! Look for something antique, something borrowed and something living. Let’s look for certain shapes and colors get everyone thinking as outside of the box as possible. Find something you use for travel. Pick a theme and make it fun!

Bird watching

I know you’ve heard the chirping in the morning. You see the nests in the yard. Have you spotted any birds?

PBS has this great little chart to help you identify what you might be seeing. So is that Mr. Blue jay in your yard or a red breasted nuthatch?

Something new

Let’s try a new recipe! Let’s look to see what ingredients we already have and base a recipe around that. You can look up some recipes or tweak some of your well versed creations. Enjoy getting creative in the kitchen.


Lets lubricate our bodies by learning and practicing some yoga skills! Yoga is great for getting in tune with ones self. It’s a useful meditation and calming exercise. I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves, socially isolating and enjoying the time for yourselves.

Pine cone ornaments.

Pine cones, among many other things, we may find out in nature along with small rocks, sticks, etc can be used as ornaments. You can thread them, paint them or even put them in a fruit basket. Enjoy bits of nature in your home. You can hang them along with the leaf stencils from yesterday. Enjoy your home made crafts. 🙂

Leaf stencils

We’re going to flash back to art class and stencil leaves. Go outside and pick up a couple leaves. Grab a sheet of paper and a pencil or charcoal. Place the leaf under the paper and then start to shade! Try adding some different colors. You can cut them out and then frame them. Have fun!

Outside time

Today, let’s get outside! Take a walk, listen to the birds…don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. Today’s a great day to BBQ, so fire up the grill and have a picnic. Look around to see all the things we miss out on in our own yard on the daily. What’s something new that you see? Take a picture and sketch it out. Get some sunlight today!

Spring Cleaning!

It’s time for spring cleaning! If you haven’t already, let’s go through some things. In each room we’ll have three essential groups: Keep, donate, and throw away. The entire family can get engaged with organizing their space. So let’s crank the music up and work our way through the house. What do you have hidden in the back of your closet? Have you been looking for something? Lets make today’s goal to find it.! Don’t forget to have fun while doing so as well! 🙂


You know all those pictures you have from that family vacation you took?Or the ones from the kids birthday party? Let’s start scrapbooking! There are so many ways to go about this aside from just the usual book you might be thinking. You could arrange the pictures on an old board you have laying around, modpodge them down and write little notes, quotes, dates, etc. You could also make a shadow box with them by adding little keepsakes and pinning them in place.

Have a Photo shoot!

I know a lot of us have been rocking our pj’s all week. (I certainly have been.) Let’s dress it up today though. Pull out that fuzzy boa from the very back of your closet and your favorite pair of shades and strut your stuff for the camera! Throw on a couple of your favorite outfits or create some new ones. It’s fashion week from the comfort of your own home! Get a couple pictures of you modeling down your hallway….SASHAY!! Go out in your yard and take pictures with the wild flowers. There are so many fun ideas and creative shots you can take!