#Bike and Be Well on Wednesday, September 16

Safe Routes to School, GA Commute Options and GA SRTS invites children to participate in Bike and Be Well on Wednesday, September 16.

Students in grades K – 5 are invited to bike (or walk) by their school  and pick up an incentive item and a Bicycle Safety Guide for Kids. Each school will set their own time frame to coordinate with the Wellness Wednesday activities for students at their school. Check below for a list of participating schools. If your school is not listed, we encourage you to bike (or walk) around your neighborhood.

Westchester:  12 – 1:30 pm; Stop by the basketball court behind the school

Glenwood: Walk or Bike in your neighborhood; take photos and tag #bikeandbewell

Talley Street:  Walk or Bike in your neighborhood; take photos and tag #bikeandbewell. If you’d like the photos to be shared with friends at Talley, hopefully on the next Talley Rally, please email them to atlarge5th@talleypto.org.  

Oakhurst:  11 am – 2 pm

Winnona Park: TBD – check the school news

Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.