September 22 is Car Free Day

Makes plans now to celebrate Car Free Day with Decatur Active Living. We will be at the Blue Sky Concert on the Square on Wednesday, September 22 from noon until 1 pm handing out special stickers to those who walk or bike to the square. Joining us will be the Clean Air Campaign and members of the Environmental Sustainability Board. Make plans now to leave your car at home for this day, and celebrate CarFree Day!

Here are some ideas to help you to practice Car Free Days more often:

  • Don’t use your car for one day a week, a month, or as often as you can.
  • Work at home one day per week.
  • Consciously plan your trips for errands such as the grocery store or shipping.  Try to reduce your trips by at least 50%.  Combine trips.  Assess the need for a trips (s) to see if you really need to go.
  • Buy a Hybrid.
  • Change your car over to bio-fuel or buy an alternative fuel car.
  • Use alternative transportation.
  • Ride a bike or walk.
  • Carpool with a neighbor or co-worker. 
  • Keep your car in tune and tires inflated properly.

 For more information on World CarFree Day, click here.

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