Scavenger hunt

Let’s come up with a fun scavenger hunt! Look for something antique, something borrowed and something living. Let’s look for certain shapes and colors get everyone thinking as outside of the box as possible. Find something you use for travel. Pick a theme and make it fun!

Take a Walk in the Decatur Cemetery

unnamed (1)This is  a great time of year to wander around the Decatur Cemetery. Take a guided tour with the Walking Tour Brochure that you can download here.

The walking tour brochure provides an overview of 40 of the most interesting sites at Decatur Cemetery. Among them are the resting places of three veterans of the American Revolution, a monument standing over a field where numerous orphans are buried, and the final resting place of Dr. Thomas Holley Chivers, who abandoned his medical training for poetry and was described by Edgar Allen Poe as “one of the best and one of the worst poets in America.”

The brochure, in describing the 40 sites, provides a glimpse of Decatur’s history. The 58-acre cemetery dates to 1823 (it’s a full decade older than Atlanta) and provides an interesting overview of how the nation’s attitude about cemetery design (and death) has changed over the years.

The brochure includes a map of the cemetery, lots of color photographs, and a short collection of “cemetery manners” to ensure that the dignity of the site is not compromised.

Bird watching

I know you’ve heard the chirping in the morning. You see the nests in the yard. Have you spotted any birds?

PBS has this great little chart to help you identify what you might be seeing. So is that Mr. Blue jay in your yard or a red breasted nuthatch?

Something new

Let’s try a new recipe! Let’s look to see what ingredients we already have and base a recipe around that. You can look up some recipes or tweak some of your well versed creations. Enjoy getting creative in the kitchen.

Visit a Museum – Virtually of course!


Take a virtual trip to museums around the world. Learn about some new artists and have fun seeing what great art there is in the world. Maybe one of them will inspire you to plan a trip for the future to see them in person! has a list of 12 World-Class museums you can visit virtually.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and explore with their 360 project.

Take a tour of the Vatican in Rome without the crowds.

Or take a trip to France to visit Versaille!

Let us know in the comments if you have some other ideas.

Stay safe Decatur!



Lets lubricate our bodies by learning and practicing some yoga skills! Yoga is great for getting in tune with ones self. It’s a useful meditation and calming exercise. I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves, socially isolating and enjoying the time for yourselves.

Pine cone ornaments.

Pine cones, among many other things, we may find out in nature along with small rocks, sticks, etc can be used as ornaments. You can thread them, paint them or even put them in a fruit basket. Enjoy bits of nature in your home. You can hang them along with the leaf stencils from yesterday. Enjoy your home made crafts. 🙂

Rainy Day Fun at Home

4c82f2ca051c152fe146755e4704710e_rainy-day-monday-kel-mel-blog-clip-art-library_600-345The rain today reminds me of a skit Lily Tomlin did back in the day. It was raining out, so her character said she put the children in the car and said “Let’s play car wash!” While I am not recommending that (although it could be fun for about 5 minutes!), I found some other ideas on what to do on a rainy day. has 14 ideas of what to do on a rainy day. I like the Family Recipe Book. You could think up recipes to make with whatever you have in the pantry. Or write down your favorite family dinner recipes.

You may want to organize your own Film Festival or map out a city on paper. Try mapping Decatur and add the places your family likes to go. You can use this map to get  started.

There are also 50 more ideas on

Have fun and stay safe!


Leaf stencils

We’re going to flash back to art class and stencil leaves. Go outside and pick up a couple leaves. Grab a sheet of paper and a pencil or charcoal. Place the leaf under the paper and then start to shade! Try adding some different colors. You can cut them out and then frame them. Have fun!

Move It Monday: Make an Appointment for Fitness

mondayFrom our friends at MoveItMonday:

Exercise is vital to a healthy life. We all know it can be difficult to make time for it with a busy schedule. This week we share some ideas to fit fitness into your daily routine. Motivate yourself this Monday to make time for a workout – and continue throughout the rest of the week.

Try these 3 tips to make sure you don’t skip fitness this week