Active Living Invites You to our Walking Book Club in April

The weather is getting warmer and spring is on the way.  To enjoy the outdoors, please join us for the inaugural Walking Book Club led by Active Living Board member Shelly Head. We will read a few chapters every week to discuss during our walk around Decatur. 

Our first book is Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult.  There are multiple copies available through the Library as well as Amazon, Half Price Books and Hoopla or consider ordering it from Little Shop of Stories.  For our first meeting, read pages 1-52  or until the Andrew  chapter. 

The walk will be easy and approx. 1-2 miles.   Meet in front of the Decatur Recreation Center and be ready to walk at 9 am. Group size limited to eight. Registration and masks are required to keep COVID protocols.

Group will meet every Saturday morning at 9 am. Register here:

For more information contact

Yoga on the Square Cancelled Today

Due to the cold weather and the rain, we are cancelling yoga on the Square today. Hope to see everyone next week!

Decatur Outdoor Pickleball, Come out & Play!

Scott Park! Free parking in the Library lower deck. 231 Sycamore St. Decatur GA 30030

No Registration required. Weather permitting, drop-in open play. Please bring your own paddles/balls.

Outdoor Pickleball

Move It Monday: Start Your Day with a Stretch

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Exercising from bed sounds too good to be true, but with bed yoga, it’s possible to start your morning with a rejuvenating workout from the comfort of your mattress.

Yoga is a form physical activity that combines stretching with light, flowing movements. Practicing yoga can help improve range of motion and circulation, as well as relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga requires the synchronization of movement and breath, and this alignment of body and mind is the perfect way to ease into the day.

Follow along with our instructional video.

The Third Friday Bike Ride Returns!

Join Decatur Active Living for the return of the Third Friday Bike Ride on Friday, March 19. We will depart from the front of the Decatur Recreation Center at 6:30 pm and ride at a casual pace for approximately 6 miles around the city. This ride is not recommended for children.

Masks and helmets are required. For more information contact or 404-456-0450.

For information on biking in Decatur, visit


Move It Monday: Get More Out of Your Workout

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Warming up and cooling down are two important components of every fitness routine, but how can you use them to improve the quality of your workout?

Benefits of a Warmup

Although there’s no strict definition for what constitutes a “warmup,” the basic idea is doing an activity or exercise at a slower pace to help prepare the body for more intense aerobic workout.

A warmup gradually engages your cardiovascular system, which raises your body temperature and increases blood flow to the muscles. This improves the elasticity (the stretchiness of muscle tissue) and can help reduce muscle tightness, pain, and risk of injury.

A warmup can also be an exercise in itself. Stretching during or immediately after your warmup can improve your flexibility in both the long and short term. Just remember to stretch after you’ve done a short aerobic exercise to get the blood flowing to your muscles.

Properly warming up before a workout can also benefit your mental state. If you start your fitness routine with heavy weights or a strenuous aerobic fitness routine, you’re more likely to be discouraged. Starting slowly and easing yourself into your exercises gradually prepares you for a full and effective workout.

Benefits of a Cooldown

After you finishing a workout, a 10-minute cooldown allows body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure to return to their normal levels. Stopping an intense exercise abruptly without a cool down can possibly lead to dizziness or even fainting.

Cooldown exercises, like stretching, walking, foam rolling, and deep breathing, can help lower your risk of injury and reduce stress to the heart and other muscles.

If you’re looking to incorporate more stretching into your workout routine, try starting with some beginner yoga poses. Stretching helps improve your flexibility as well as range of motion around the joints, while also benefitting balance and bone health.

This Monday, take a few extra minutes before and after your workout to fit in a warmup and cooldown.

Terri’s Training for Dogs and People start next month!

Active Adult Newsletter for Spring Program is HERE! See details below and contact Sara Holmes to register.

March is Nutrition Month: What to eat before and after workouts

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What you eat before and after you exercise is almost as important as the workout itself. Food is your fuel—it gives you the energy necessary to be active and focused, and it also provides the nutrients required to build muscle and bone strength, as well as help the body recover post workout.

This Monday, in honor of Nutrition Month, plan some meals around your workouts.

Free Community Classes on the Square in March

All levels Yoga on the Square – Tuesdays at 10 am. Free. Masks and registration are required. Class is limited to 10 participants. Register here:

Body Positive Boot Camp – Thursdays, 11:30 am – 12 noon – for all levels and all body shapes; taught by Abbey Griffith owner of Clarity Fitness. Free. Masks and registration are required. Limited to 10 participants. Register here:

Contact for more information.