DeKalb County Offering Free Baby Café 

4f6ad0702859c90bb32a69af1d093487From the DeKalb County Board of Health:

The DeKalb County Board of Health has partnered with Reaching our Sisters Everywhere, Inc. (ROSE) to improve coordinated breastfeeding support services by opening a Baby Café. 

The Baby Café is a national network of community-based, drop-in breastfeeding support sites offering on-going, high-quality lactation care at no cost. It’s a free resource for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get support and to share experiences with other moms. 

In response to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, the ROSE baby café will be held online until further notice.

The café offers:

  • Free education and support, such as advice on baby latching, positioning, and returning to work.
  • Discussions led by lactation support providers.
  • A welcoming environment.
  • A safe place to ask questions and have an open discussion.


ROSE was provided a license to operate the Baby Café through a grant supported by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). Pregnant and new moms learn how to properly breastfeed with access to trained lactation support providers, including Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, Certified Lactation Counselors and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants.

 The Baby Café is online every Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Families must pre-register to participate by visiting

 For more information about the Baby Café, call 404-508-7847 or email


Have a Good Night’s Sleep


From our friends at

Lack of sleep can lead to burnout and can trigger or exacerbate a number of physical and mental health issues, ranging from chronic pain and high blood pressure to anxiety and depression.

And although we may be aware of the consequences of getting too little sleep, that doesn’t make going to bed any simpler. Thankfully, there are proven methods to improve the duration and quality of your sleep. Dr. Pooja Amy Shah, assistant professor at Columbia University and an authority on integrative medicine, offers a number of different techniques that you can incorporate into your nightly ritual to make falling asleep easier.

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Make Some Back to School Crafts!

Since school is starting virtually this year, your young student may want to create a fun learning space. Here are some crafts families can do to get ready for that big first day.

R2D2-pencil-can-680Photo from

Pencil Holders:
Your child can make this Mason Jar pencil holder for his/her own desk. Don’t have a mason jar? Use a can or other glass jar.

Is your young student a Star Wars fan? They can create and R2-D2 pencil holder to brighten up their desk.

Decorate your learning space:
Parents can make this Paper Roll Pencil and fill it with treats, erasers, or other school supplies for a first day of school surprise.

Make a Back to School Photo Frame to liven up the learning space.

Create a School Bus Kleenex Box cover and brighten up your desk.

Ideas for Teens:
Make a Back to School Bulletin Board with things you have around the house.

Create a Back to School Clipboard to keep track of important papers and assignments. You can use this idea, or get creative and design your own.

A Hanging Organizer is great for keeping things in their place. This one is really cute. You can even make it more colorful by adding some designs. If you prefer to have an organizer sitting on your desk, here is another idea.

A new mouse pad might add some fun to online learning. Learn to make a Floral Mouse Pad, or use any material that you enjoying looking at.



Today is National Gorgeous Grandma Day!


National Gorgeous Grandma Day is celebrated on July 23 of every year. On National Gorgeous Grandma Day, we can celebrate the grannies in our lives. we celebrate those 50s and over women who live to get the most out of their lives. The ones who treasure themselves as much as their family, and most importantly they simply show a love for life. That’s really an amazing attitude and we appreciate all the positive energy that those gorgeous grandmas bring to the rest of us.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GorgeousGrandmaDay

No matter your age, be your gorgeous self. Maybe you’re a grandma, and perhaps you’re not. It doesn’t matter. Own the attitude and celebrate. Use #GorgeousGrandmaDay to share on social media


Alice Solomon created Gorgeous Grandma Day in 1984 to honor women of a certain age, whether they were grandmothers or not. It’s a time to recognize their accomplishments and their abilities. Their lives have only just begun.

College: Getting There from Here. Free webinar today at 5pm

Activities for the Family

I know some of us may be dreading staying at home, but its important for the over all health of the community. Here are some activities to keep the fun rolling, and the kids entertained.

City of Decatur’s COVID-19 Updated March 13

From The Decatur Minute:

The health, safety, and well-being of our community are our top priorities.  The City’s Emergency Management team is coordinating with and following the guidance of the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), DeKalb Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  While essential public services such as Police, Fire, and Public Works are continuing normal operations, certain community events, meetings, and programs are being cancelled and/or rescheduled in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The City’s after-school programs have been cancelled pending the status of City Schools of Decatur, and Active Living programs at Decatur Recreation Center and Ebster Gym have been suspended until future notice.  Decatur Recreation Center, Ebster Recreation Center, Glenlake Tennis Center and the Oakhurst indoor pool are closed. Updates can be found at as they become available.

Update: The tennis courts at Oakhurst Park and Scott Park are open.

For a comprehensive list of community events cancellations, visit the City’s calendar of events at

Other actions that we are taking to protect the ongoing health and well-being of all our community members include:

  • Twice daily cleanings of all city facilities and equipment. Soap and sanitizing gel are available for public use at offices and facilities.
  • Reinforcing CDC disease prevention guidelines and best hygiene practices in all city facilities. Anyone with recent international travel to target areas or with symptoms of illness is encouraged to remain at home.
  • Closely monitoring guidance from the CDC and state health officials and adjusting our plans as needed.
  • Updating continuity procedures for all areas of city service and preparing to implement these procedures should regular operations be disrupted.

As additional information and guidance become available, we will keep you informed as to any changes affecting city services.

Thank you for your continued support and know we are focused on maintaining normal operations with a keen focus on the health and safety of all, while ensuring that we deliver great city services.

Decatur Youth Council “Generational Jig” is February 29

Update- The event has been cancelled.


February is Love My Bus Month!

Love my bus month graphic

February is Love My Bus Month and all month long the goal is to get students to love riding the bus to and from school. Encourage your child to ride the bus once a week or every day to decrease carpool line traffic around schools and around the City.

The school bus is important not only because it’ safe, cuts down on traffic congestion, and reduces air pollution, but riding the bus is also a time for students to bond with their peers and increases the likelihood that students will arrive at school on time and ready to learn!

School Bus Safety Tips

love my bus info

Benefits of a Safe Routes to School Program

Did you know that the City of Decatur has had a Safe Routes to School program since 2005? Initially the program was coordinated by volunteer parent committees at each school. However, beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, the Decatur Active Living Division took on the management and development of Decatur’s programs. Each month the parent “Champions” from each school meet with Decatur Active Living staff to share ideas, solve issues, and plan events and programs. We also work with staff from GA Safe Routes to School Resource Center and GA Commute Schools.

On International Walk and Roll to School Day in October 2019, 2556 children (or 64%) walked or biked to school! Our program keeps growing and includes all city of Decatur schools. Students at the high school work with GA Commute Schools to plan their own special walk to school and bike to school days, and even did a carpool day during the 2018-2019 school year.

Walking or biking to school has many benefits, as seen on the info-graphic below.