SRTS Bike Training Underway at Glennwood Academy

Safe Routes to School Bike Training started on Tuesday, September 21 at Glennwood Academy.  Cheryl  Burnette has recruited 30 volunteers to assist with training 250 fourth grade students over the next two weeks.  Students get the opportunity to learn various skills from balance, proper stopping techniques, turn signals, scanning and rules of the road.  Decatur Active Living has a fleet of bikes that are brought to the school for the training and the training is coordinated through the physical education classes.   Instructors are Trina Hallman, PE teacher and Gregory White, Interim Director Decatur Active Living.  Special thanks to Dr. Lee, principal at Glennwood Academy  for allowing this training to take place and rearranging the P. E. classes.   Leslie Stuart is the SRTS Glennwood Academy SRTS representative.  Pictured below are volunteers and Dr. Lee preparing to start the bike training on Tuesday morning.

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