Training Tips From Big Peach Running Company

Big Peach Running Company sends out a weekly e-newsletter and I thought these were some running/walking tips worth sharing for those who train at night: 

Light yourself up!  If you’re running in the dark, don’t forget the reflective vest, and leave the black wardrobe at home.  It’s better to look like road crew than be road kill.  In addition, clipping on a red blinking light or two is very effective in getting the attention of otherwise distracted drivers.  Put on a headlamp to help see potholes and other obstacles in your way.

When crossing a street, don’t assume the driver sees you.  Make eye contact and put your hand up as if to say, “stop.”  If you don’t get a reaction, don’t go.  If running in the road, you want to face traffic whenever possible.  The only exception is if you’re heading around a blind curve with no shoulder or sidewalk.

 If you’re running alone, carry your phone, and let a friend or family member know your route.  Let him or her know what time you expect to be done, and promise to call.  If you should forget, then your friend should give you an extra 5-10 minutes, and then call you.

Big Peach is located at 114 Trinity Place in Decatur, behind Decatur City Hall. Stop by and check out their great selection of fitness gear.

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