GA Walk to School Day Tomorrow

The 2nd annual GA Walks to School Day is tomorrow and we are proud that Clairemont Elementary is going to be the featured school for the state! Clairemont has one of the longest running Safe Routes to School Programs in Georgia, dating back to 2005 when it was a pilot school.

Thanks to the work of the parents at the school, the number of children walking and biking to school continues to increase. The state of Georgia is number two in childhood obesity, and walking and biking is just one of many ways to help to combat that epidemic.

Be on the lookout in the morning for children all over Decatur who will be participating in “walking school buses” and “bike trains” on their way to and from school. Children at Clairemont will be greeted by special visitors from both the local and state level, including Mayor Bill Floyd who will say a few words about the importance of walking at their morning assembly.

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  1. SRTS in Decatur is a great demonstration how the community, school and local government work together to make the program a success. Great job Decatur.

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