Walking Tour Number 6

Yesterday I mentioned the City’s Walking Tours brochure which inspired me to take a walk with a co-worker today during lunch. We did Tour no.6, a 2 mile walk that began and ended at the Bandstand on the Square. We walked down Clairemont, cut through the Wilton Drive neighborhood, and ended by heading east up Ponce. The spring flowers were beautiful, so happy I had brought along a camera. We stopped to pick up a lunch to-go from Jimmy John’s which was handily on the route! I thought you might enjoy some of the spring scenery we passed.

Oak Tree in Front of the Baptist Church


Azaleas in Bloom on Clairemont Avenue


Bench on Clairemont (in case you want to take a break!)


Butterfly House on Wilton


Tulips on Wilton


Stop by Jimmy John's for Lunch-To-Go


Thomas Jefferson in Front of Old Courthouse

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  1. Katie says:

    What a great day for a walk, and beautiful pictures too!

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