Active Living Celebrates Earth Day with a Oak Tree

Alan Yorker, Decatur resident and gardener grew the little oak tree from an acorn which he found on the ground in Scott Park one early morning in 2004 just as it was sprouting with a bright green shoot.  Alan planted the acorn in his garden plot immediately.  Now seven years later the acorn has grown to be a young sapling nearly nine feet  tall. The baby oak has outgrown the space in the Scott Park Community Garden and Alan offered the tree to the Lullwater Conservation Garden. The baby oak was moved on last Friday and has a new home among the mighty oaks at the Lullwater Conservation Garden. Some of the mighty oaks are approaching 100 years of age.  Special thanks to the new care givers of the baby oak tree Kim Storbeck, president of the Lullwater Garden Club and Jane Kelly.

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