Walk for Lunch: The Final Miles

Today was the last day of the Walk for Lunch program we held during the month of May. We had a lot of our walkers turn out today wearing their t-shirts and to walk those last miles. The program was a success with over 90 people signed up to walk  one or two mile routes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you missed it, not to worry, we will “walk for lunch” again in the fall! One of the highlights for me was to meet so many new friends and get to know folks while walking. It sure made the miles go faster.

A special thanks to Arthur Ratliff for these wonderful photos! He is not only a great insurance agent with State Farm, but an awesome photographer as well.

Walk For Lunch walkers ready to walk the last miles.
Zuaquis and Zachery Ross, organizers of Walk for Lunch, with Yogurt Tap sponsor, Lindsey

Thanks to everyone who participated and who sponsored this great lunchtime walking program! And an extra special thanks to Isabel and Brittany for their volunteer time.

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