Supermarket Tours Very Informative

Our Tour Guide, Ashley DePriest

The Active Living Department offered Supermarket Tours at our local Kroger for the month of June and July. I went on the tour this morning and was surprised at how much I learned. Ashley DePriest, our tour guide, is a graduate student at GA State and has a lot of great information on which foods are healthiest, how to select them, what does “organic” really mean, and more. This tour should be a requirement for anyone shopping for food!

Thanks to our local Kroger for working with Active Living Board Member Sally Brozek to accommodate the tours. There are still a couple of openings for the tour on July 21 at 7pm, and we plan to begin offering monthly Saturday tours in August. For more information contact or call 678-553-6541.

Tour-goers Learning About the Best Bread Selections

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