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Ruby Bock writes in with News from Woodlands.

“It’s high summer and it’s hot everywhere, but it’s always shady in the woods, and that helps a little.  Come to Sunday in the Garden, July 31, 2-4pm, to stroll the trails, and stop by the Pavilion for some hot music by “The Usual Suspects”.  The band includes Leon Bass, Libby Eason, George Eckard, David Gibson and  Don Fay, on guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, bass guitar, and slide guitar.  They’ll be playing folk music, a mix of some old favorites and their own original songs.  George is a great supporter of the music program at Woodlands and can often be found in the audience, enjoying the talents of other bands.  The Usual Subjects are returning for their third performance in the Pavilion.

Summer is buzzing along, with lots of action from the birds and the bees.  The elderberries are turning purple and the birds are chomping down on them; the joe-pye weed is blooming and starting to attract butterflies; and unfortunately we’ve run into a few yellow jackets along the way (but they’re not on the trails – so stay on the trails).  The Chinese parasol trees near the beginning of the trail always attract a lot of attention, and over the months visitors have asked for seedlings.  Well, they’re available now.  If you are interested in a tiny Chinese Parasol Tree (look up Firmiana simplexfor more information), call me ( 678.641.2966) and we’ll make plans for you to come get one.”

Firmiana simplex

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