Food Day at Decatur Farmer’s Market

The City of Decatur is celebrating the first annual Food Day this coming Saturday, October 22 at the Decatur Farmer’s Market. Join GA State Graduate students as they present “The Great Pumpkin – Sweet and Savory Ways to Enjoy a Delicious Fall Food.”  They will be sharing recipes using pumpkins as well as giving samples of dishes prepared with pumpkin.

Food Day events are being held across the nation to encourage Americans to “Eat Real”. Food Day goals are to inspire Americans to forgo fast foods, processed foods and sodas, and instead nourish our bodies with foods including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Join us for “Food Day at the Decatur Farmer’s Market, on Saturday, October 22 at 10am. The market is located at 498 N McDonough Street in downtown Decatur.

2 Responses to Food Day at Decatur Farmer’s Market

  1. maryflad says:

    I’ll have to get up early on Saturday, to get to Food Day AND Turn Decatur Red.

  2. Cheryl Burnette says:

    And the play at Oxford- going to be a busy day!

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