Bicycle Safety Training at 4/5 Academy at 5th Avenue

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out last week to help with the Annual Bicycle Safety Training at the 4/5 Academy at 5th Avenue. Active Living Staff coordinated the training and worked with the staff at 5th Avenue to train over 260 fourth grade children. Children learned to “ride slow like snail”, dodge fake rocks in the road, signal for stops and turns, and to scan before changing lanes. Thanks to community members, Firefighters, Police Officers, Active Living Staff and everyone who came out to assist with this great project.

The Bicycle Safety Training is part of the the Safe Routes to School Program in the city. We not only want to encourage children to walk and bike to school, but teach them good safety habits as well.


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  1. Great job Decatur Active Living staff and thanks to all our volunteers to make the training a success.

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