A New POD at the Boys & Girls Club

Decatur Active Living sends thanks  to Karl Wohlers of PODs for our new POD and to the Decatur Book Festival. Karl worked with Daren Wang and Mary Flad to have a POD at the Book Festival that looked like it had library shelves inside. It was a big hit as folks were encouraged to write titles on the imaginary book spines. They offered to donate a POD to Active Living to use as storage on one of our athletic fields. The POD was delivered today to the Boys & Girls Club field. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

The delivery of the POD was quite interesting to watch – it “floated” while the truck was moved from underneath it.


Athletic Staff poses with Ben the driver, Mary Flad and the new POD.

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  1. Mary Flad says:

    Thanks to PODS and Emory University Libraries, who did the real work on the event, the PODS project was one of my favorite features at the book festival this year. The artwork inside and out was an atttention-getter and I loved that the project was interactive. And then the used PODS container went to Decatur Active Living? What could be better than that?

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