Decatur Dog Parks Mentioned as Some of Atlanta’s Best

We ran across this little video about Atlanta’s Best Dog Parks. Two of Decatur’s parks were mentioned.

2 Responses to Decatur Dog Parks Mentioned as Some of Atlanta’s Best

  1. njwilk says:

    Darn! We were trying to keep our parks a secret from the rest of the metro area! Now everyone will know that the City of Decatur has two of “Atlanta’s” five Best Dog Parks.

  2. Chris Billingsley says:

    Interesting. There was a time when Decatur’s dog parks were limited to residents only. Today this must include folks from “Atlanta”. Just as well. No one seriously believed our dog parks were just for Decatur people. Although I have opposed dog parks in the past, they generally bring responsible adults and their pets into our parks, especially during the winter months when parks are kinda dead. So, on this beautiful pre-spring day, when so many Decatur residents have enjoyed our parks, here’s my toast to dog park lovers, “May you continue to strive to be responsible park visitors, loving dog owners and good citizens of the City of Decatur but always remember, the best dog park is your own yard”. God Bless.

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