FreeWheelin’ and Group Bike Rides

I have just recently discovered FreeWheelin’  magazine for bicyclists, a publication of the Southern Bicycle League. One of the things that caught my interest was that they have a Calendar of bike rides throughout the metro area. One in Decatur that might of interest is a weekly Saturday ride called “Sam’s Freight Room Ride” at 2pm. It is an easy 11 mile ride through Decatur and Avondale Estates that ends will refreshments at a local restaurant. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I am definately going to join in one Saturday soon. IN case you are new to Decatur, the Freight Room was a restaurant/bar in the  Train Depot. For more information, contact

Click here for a calendar of August SBL Rides.

Consider joining the Southern Bicycle League if you take advantage of the free rides and read the magazine. Good to support the things that enhance your life!

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