A New Water Fountain in Harmony Park


The Decatur Active Living Board Water Fountain Committee is excited about the new water fountain in Harmony Park. Working with Active Living and the Public Works Department, the water fountain was installed in early August.

In 2011, the Committee put out a survey asking where water fountains are needed in the community. Harmony Park was high on the list. Hundreds of children walk by Harmony Park on their way to school and many citizens run and walk by this busy corner in Oakhurst.

The committee’s goal is to place four new fountains in Decatur in the coming year.  Let’s reduce the use of plastic bottles and encourage walkers and runners to carry a refillable bottle. Your help is needed. We are looking for individuals and businesses who are interested in co-sponsoring a water fountain. For more information on sponsorship please contact Paul Jacxsens at pjacxsens@gmail.com.

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