Flash Mob on the Decatur Square

Yes, you read that correctly! Yesterday’s Blue Sky Concert began with a great surprise – hundreds of active adults (and some children) participated in a Flash Mob! The event was the brainchild of Lisa Kiely from Park  Springs, a Senior Living Facility. Her residents participated along with seniors from Bobbie Elzey’s exercise classes and seniors and children from the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA. It was so much fun!

The purpose of the event was to showcase that even though Seniors may look older, they still feel like they are 29 on the inside. We all want to stay active and have fun, no matter what age we are.

We will be posting a video as soon as it is completed in case you missed this fun time.

Bobbie Elzey gives a pep talk before the Flash Mob.

2 Responses to Flash Mob on the Decatur Square

  1. Marjorie Waggoner says:

    It really was a great time and tons of fun to get together with so many young-at-hearts. I loved being involved.

  2. CN says:

    Can’t wait to see the video!

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