How to Trigger a Traffic Light

Has anyone tried this and does it work?  Would love to hear feedback. I am going to try it this weekend.


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  1. EidleonDrexel says:

    Yes, this does work. I’ve ridden carbon fiber frame bikes for many years. Small things like having one pedal straight down so the ferrous metal of the pedal body/axle is close to the sensor also helps. I assume the same issues exist for aluminum frame bikes.

  2. bicycle commuter says:

    It works at most lights around here. The ones I see here are not circular rather 3 lines leading to the light. I usually zig-zag my wheel on the center line leading up to the x and then make sure to roll and sit my front wheel on the x. I get a turn signal every time heading west on Ponce to turn onto Commerce. It beats going to the light at Fellini’s because that light never changes….even for cars it takes forever.

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