Herb Does It Again!


A BIG THANK YOU goes Herb Chereck, owner of Decatur Package Store on Clairemont Avenue. Herb has just donated $900 to the Mary Miller Decatur Youth Fund. Herb recently donated over $1000 to the Youth Fund at the annual DBA Holiday Meeting with proceeds from the Decatur Wine Festival raffle.

This recent donation comes from a great idea of Herb’s. Each year he receives two bottles of Van Winkle Bourbon. Evidently this bourbon is eagerly awaited by many, so Herb decided the fair way to get it to his customers was to have a silent auction. Van Winkle Bourbon must be really good, as this year’s auction raised $900!

Thanks to the generosity of Herb and others like him, the Mary Miller Decatur Youth Fund is able to fund scholarships for After School programs, camps and sports for many children in Decatur who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

For more information on the Decatur Youth Fund, or to donate (yes, it is tax deductible) click here. Be sure to designate that the donation is for the Youth Fund in the comment section.

Thanks again to Herb, and be sure to stop by and say hello to Herb as you shop for your holiday goodies.

Have a happy and active holiday season in Decatur!


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