Change: Discover Your True Human Potential



  Are you feeling stressed out, stuck in a rut or frustrated?

Are you getting the results you want?

Maybe you’re ready for a Change.


“Change” is a powerful new documentary that explores the power of the human brain and our ability to create the changes we desire. Including real life stories of healing and personal growth, as well as scientific and spiritual insights, this inspiring documentary offers a new viewpoint on what we are capable of as human beings.

Sunday evening October 27, John Fenton and Dahn Yoga of Atlanta will present the film “Change”.  John Fenton, BMC, MBA, will be our moderator and guide for what promises be an inspiring evening for a film screening and talk about this new documentary.  John is a meditation guide, leader and ambassador of change.

Advance ticket purchases are $10 each.   For more information go to our Facebook page or go directly to and order your tickets now.

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