Birding at Woodlands Garden Tomorrow!

From Ruby at Woodlands:

“We welcome the return of the Atlanta Audubon Society for another early morning bird walk. We’ll gather near the office building at 8am TOMORROW –  Saturday, September 6. Our Audubon leaders will be Ralph Smith and Liz Hornsby who will help everyone, even beginners like me, identify birds by sight and sound. We will use this walk to try out our new Woodlands Bird List, skillfully and graciously put together by Ralph and his wife Susan McWethy.


Ralph (he’s a busy birder) and Linda Karr have revived our Birding Committee after a period of dormancy. Years ago, Cheryl Kanes and Barbara Giebelhaus visited regularly through four seasons to compile an extensive list of birds seen here in the Garden. We put up a couple of bird feeders and a birdbath, and then we got busy with other things. Recent meetings with Audubon staff and Ralph and Linda have brought birding at Woodlands back to the foreground (although the birds have always been happy here, committee or not).  


We would like to find a few more people to join the Birding Committee. Duties will include placing, cleaning and re-filling feeders and birdbaths, and of course tracking the species seen here. If you are interested, please contact”

The Brown Thrasher

The Brown Thrasher

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