Walking for Healthy Weight

“Don’t plead that you haven’t time to walk. Take time.” – Minta Beach

walk thereWalking is a great way to manage weight for life. Studies show that fitness, more than fatness, is a strong indicator of longevity and well-being. When you exercise regularly, eat properly, manage stress, and enjoy the support of friends and family, your weight will find its natural, healthy point. Studies show that taking 12,000 to 15,000 steps per day helps people to achieve and keep healthy weight levels.

  • Plan to walk at least four days a week.
  • Walk a minimu of 30 consecutive minutes. Work up to an hour if possible. If this is too much to begin with, start with 10 minute increments.
  • As you become more fit, increase the intensity of your walk. Try adding short bursts of greater speed.
  • Toning muscles also increases muscle mass and raises your metabolism, or the amount of calories you burn while at rest!


Information from “The Walking Deck” by Shirley Archer.

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