Run With the Dogs 2015 and Other Spots to Stay Warm

RWTDIt’s here, Run With the Dogs is this weekend. Time to bring Fido out for a group run. Keep up with the event, photos, and last-minute announcements on their RWTD facebook page.

Hope to see you out there or at one of our many locations around town for active living. Did we say many? Yep, that’s right, Decatur Recreation Center, Glenlake Tennis Center, the Solarium, and Ebster gym (opening verrrrry soon) all offer warm spaces to exercise, learn, and connect with neighbors.

And of course all the city parks and green spaces offer opportunities to keep fit, like the adult exercise equipment in the park at Glenlake, the PATH trail, and the wonderful acreage within the cemetery. As soon as it warms up, stop by and say hello to Betty the duck.

Seriously, if anyone just needs to warm up today,  pop into the recreation center.

About TSanchez
Bike/ped/trail/active living champion!

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