Decatur Rode to the Capitol

On Tuesday, March 24, hundreds of cyclists met at the East Lake MARTA Station to join in the annual “Georgia Rides to the Capitol” bike ride. The City of Decatur had seven employees who joined in the ride, and were escorted by Atlanta Motorcyle Police and our own Officer Lindsey on motorcycle as well as Firefighters who followed us in case there was an emergency. (Luckily there wasn’t!)

Commissioner Boykin organized the Decatur leg of the ride and invited local elected officials to join us. There were many mayors and councilmen who did!

What is Georgia Rides to the Capitol?  It is Georgia’s biggest one-day advocacy event! The ride is to raise support for improved conditions for bicycling in Georgia, including the development of regional systems of both on-road and off-road bicycling facilities and multi-use trails.

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One Response to Decatur Rode to the Capitol

  1. Greg White says:

    Great to see the City of Decatur supporting the benefits of biking.

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