Thanksgiving Fun – Keep the Family Entertained

ThanksgivingParadeBingo (1)Looking for ideas to keep the family entertained during the Thanksgiving break?  We wanted to share some ideas that we found. Of course, we always encourage you to visit one of the city’s parks or green spaces and play, walk, hike or ride a bike. But here are some other ideas as well for some family fun.

10 Thanksgiving Games for Holiday Fun from Apartment Therapy online

Did the children at the Plymouth Colony Thanksgiving feast play these games? Could be! Some of them are very old.

 Thanksgiving Challenge:  an online game that encourages thinking skills, and these are fun as well. For the days that are not good for going outside!

Play Thanksgiving Bingo! You can use cards found here or here make your own.

What games and activities do you like to do with your family?




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