McKoy Skate Park Improvements: Public Input Wanted


Decatur Active Living is in the process of planning improvements at McKoy Skate Park 2016.  The skate park has been in the Decatur community since 2003 thanks to KaBoom, Home Depot and the City of Decatur. Decatur Active Living added a few concrete pieces in 2008 and since that time the park has seen many skaters from around the Atlanta Area.  McKoy Skate park is one of two skate parks within the perimeter of I-285 which makes it a unique active space.

The City would like skaters and park user input. Your ideas ans suggestions are  valuable! We have a limited budget for this renovation, but would also  like to have further conversations about  future projects to make this skate park a destination for skaters, families and the community.

Your feedback can be sent to Gregory White at the following email: or  call Greg at 678-553-6543.

There will be a public meeting at the McKoy Skate Park on Saturday, March 19 at noon. In the case of inclement weather, meet at the McKoy Park Pavilion.

Here are some ideas for new equipment:

skatepark 3d skatepark overhead

7 Responses to McKoy Skate Park Improvements: Public Input Wanted

  1. Jason mayer says:

    We would love to give our input! We live in the neighborhood.

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    Avoid the pre-fab ramps, and go for more concrete. This seems like you’re simply replacing the ramps that are presently broken. If this is to be any sort of destination skatepark, you’ve gotta use concrete and avoid the types of ramps that are pictured.

  3. Chason Trau says:

    Please hire Jona Owings of hazard county construction.
    He is a expert on wooden outdoor parks and lives 30 minutes away from mckoy park.
    We the people who use this facility don’t prefer prefab Woodward ramps.

  4. jason mayer says:

    Would love more concrete. Both transitions and ledges, stairs, and such. A mini ramp would be a great addition to the park as well.

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