Woodlands Garden Presents “Yoga in Nature” on Thursdays

Pavilion_YogaFeel like a mid-week ‘stretch and de-stress’ session? Join Aditi on Thursdays at 5:30pm, beginning April 7th, for Yoga In Nature at the Woodlands’ Garden Pavilion – a wooded sanctuary surrounded by over 7 acres of greenspace. The yoga sessions will be free, but donations are encouraged to support the garden, which is a non-profit organization.


Stretches and deep breathing will be the focus of yoga sessions on Thursdays. We will start with a warm-up and move into postures that work on building flexibility and strength. We will work with both classical postures and contemporary modifications. The session will include gentle and active routines that linger on postures or work through a flow sequence, tailored to suit the audience and the mood of the day. While prior yoga experience is not necessary, an active lifestyle and healthy diet will help you get the most out of your practice.




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