How to Use a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

The City of Decatur is committed to improving the pedestrian, bicycle, and Safe Routes to School networks throughout the city. One of the devices utilized to enhance pedestrian and cyclist travel is the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon. This device is used at high pedestrian volume locations and allows pedestrians to safely cross streets where a standard traffic signal is not needed. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons control vehicular traffic at midblock locations, and assist pedestrians in crossing the street at a marked crosswalk. Pedestrians will find comfort in crossing the street at a protected crossing, and traffic will only be stopped as needed. The City of Decatur currently has two Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons, with another currently in the design phase:
1. Clairemont Avenue at Maediris Drive and the YMCA
2. S. Candler Street at E. Davis Street
3. Scott Boulevard at Westchester Elementary School (in design)

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