Oakhurst Indoor Pool is OPEN!


Repairs have been made and Oakhurst Indoor Pool has reopened.

For a schedule and more information about the pool, click here.

4 Responses to Oakhurst Indoor Pool is OPEN!

  1. Rita McGrath says:

    I tried to get more information, but your “click here” link is not working. I am a resident of COD and am interested in taking swimming lessons. Please let me know if you are planning to offer swimming lessons to seniors/adults and when. Thank you

    • Cheryl Burnette says:

      This post is over a year old, and since then we have gotten a new website. Unfortunately the Oakhurst Indoor Pool is not open at this time.

      • Rita McGrath says:

        Sorry, I did not look at the date. It’s because a life guard at the outdoor pool told me that you plan to open on Thursday.

  2. Cheryl Burnette says:

    No problem. We are staying with the outdoor pools only at this time.

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