We Are Parks and Recreation: Greg White

Gregory White (1)

Grew Up: Durham, North Carolina and went to the library every day as a child because my mother managed the branch libraries. Great way for my mind to explore places and dream.

College: Tuskegee University and earned MBA at Atlanta University

Family: Married to Joniese, and have three children, Noah, Jordyn and Jewel

Employed with the City of Decatur for 26 years

Hobbies:  Photography, Negro League Baseball History, announcing high school basketball games, reading newspapers and bicycling

What I like about our work:  I made a decision to get into the recreation field in 1989 with DeKalb County because I love people, communities, history and sports.  I love connecting people from various backgrounds and creating new experiences. The recreation field is a wonderful platform to knock down barriers around race: team sports, special events, biking, swimming and enjoying the great outdoors.  I enjoy working in Decatur because I have built wonderful relationships with people, local business community and schools. I enjoy the opportunity to document Decatur history and Decatur Active Living history.  I grew up having fun and am able to have fun as a recreation profession.

How I stay active:  I love to take early morning walks with my family in my neighborhood and on the weekends visiting local parks.  I am active in Decatur riding the the City’s cargo e-bike and I walk the city removing graffiti.  During the pandemic I have been active with my church providing vegetable boxes weekly on Thursdays for the community. This activity has been excellent for me bth mentally and physically.  I am proud to announce that I have lost ten pounds during the pandemic by exercise, eating better, and rest.


Other Facts

President Elect for GRPA

Safety Patrol Captain- 1972

Captain of my high school basketball team- 1979

Thomas O. Davis Public Servant Award- 2011

Volunteer: Mike Glenn Camp for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf (26 years) Social Media Administrator- Mike Glenn, Atlanta Hawks TV Analyst and SWD Lady Panthers Basketball

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  1. Jean O’Callaghan says:

    Greg has been my friend for at least 15 years. He has watched me struggle with my husbands illness and encouraged me while I was working in my garden lot at Scott Garden. I will always appreciate his encouragement and great attitude. I love his wonderful spirit.

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