Glenn Creek Nature Preserve to be Inducted into the Old-Growth Forest Network

On February 26th at 3 PM, Glenn Creek Nature Preserve in Decatur, GA will be formally inducted into the Old-Growth Forest Network. Dr. Sarah Horsley, Network Manager of the Old-Growth Forest Network, will present a plaque to the City of Decatur and neighborhood volunteers recognizing the value of protecting the remaining patches of mature forest throughout the city. A short guided hike of the forest will follow the ceremony. Mayor Garrett will be on hand to accept the award.

Glenn Creek Nature Preserve will join a group of other Old-Growth Forest Network sites throughout metro Atlanta known as “The Original Forest of Atlanta.” The Preserve, which is owned by the City of Decatur and maintained by neighborhood volunteers, contains two acres of native Piedmont forest, including large tulip poplars and pines. Though the Preserve covers 2-acres, it serves as a haven for birds and native plants and connects to 60 acres of forest on private property, protecting a stretch of Glenn Creek and its watershed. In 2004, the City of Decatur purchased the property with $90,000 from the Governor’s Greenspace Program and $65,000 raised by the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve Alliance. Approximately a half-mile of natural trails allows visitors to explore this preserve.

The mission of the Old-Growth Forest Network (OGFN) is to connect people with nature by creating a national network of protected, mature, publicly accessible, native forests. The goal is to preserve at least one forest in every county in the United States that can sustain a forest, estimated to be 2,370 out of a total of 3,140 counties. OGFN’s program works to identify forests for the Network, ensure their protection from logging, and inform people of the forest locations. OGFN also educates about the extraordinary ecological and human wellness benefits of old-growth forests, and speaks out regarding immediate threats to specific ancient forests.

Founded in 2012, OGFN has over 115 forests in 24 states currently in the Network.  Glenn Creek Nature Preserve will join other DeKalb and Fulton County forests historically linked to Atlanta’s original forest cover in the “Original Forest of Atlanta”

States that have forests in the Network include Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The full list of forests may be viewed at

Dr. Horsley states, “Each of these Atlanta area forest preserves are native Piedmont gems among our City in the Forest. As a Decatur resident, I appreciate the work of the City and community toward preserving these forests that are essential to our well-being and native biodiversity. The Old-Growth Forest Network grows from our network of dedicated forest preservationists.”  Interested volunteers are welcome to contact us through our website:

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