Bike Infrastructure in Decatur, and a Survey

This is our last post from Margaret Beltrami. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey at the end of this post.

We made it through National Bike Month! I hope everyone was able to get some bike rides in and of course being safe while doing so. Today for the last post, we will be looking at city infrastructure. Also, don’t miss the end of this post where I will be highlighting the next steps for my Gold Award project and I will be including an anonymous survey for you to complete if you would like to. 

Today’s post will be about city infrastructure. What this means is that I will be highlighting common lane configurations and street markings that riders often see as they bike on roads and in the city, so you know what they are and what they mean. 

Bike Lanes

Bike lanes are lanes on the road that are only for cyclists to use. This helps bikers be able to ride without interference with other cars. Bike lanes do not have physical boundaries, but are instead marked on the pavement by white lines. They usually have a white bike symbol and/or have “bike lane” written in white paint also. The image below shows an example of what a bike lane could look like on the road. The bicycle symbol would be in white paint.


Sharrows are not bike lanes, but they do help bikers and cars share the road. Essentially, if there is not space for cars and cyclists to each have their own lane, sharrows are used. Additionally, they help to alert drivers that there could be bikers around them. Sharrows are marked on the street with a white bicycle symbol with two upward pointing arrows above it. The image below shows an example of what sharrows might look like on the road. The bicycle symbol would be in white paint.  

Bike Boxes

Bike boxes are green pavement markings located at intersections to reduce accidents and to help cyclists have a safe way to move through the intersection. They also include green bike lanes leading to and from the intersection. They are currently not implemented in many cities, but they are used here in Decatur! The image below shows an example of what bike boxes could look like, and the bicycle symbol would be in white paint. It also should be noted that bike boxes sometimes look different, especially considering multiple lanes. 

Cycle Track

Cycle tracks are areas for cyclists that are only for bikers and are physically separated from the rest of the road by some kind of barrier. For example, this could include concrete walls, a greenspace, or durable medians. The image below shows an example of what a cycle track could look like, and the bicycle symbol would be in white paint. Other cycle tracks could include plants, trees, or a larger barrier.

And that is all for today’s post as well as all of my posts for National Bike Month. As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I am working towards my Gold Award, and my project is about bike helmet safety. I wanted to add what my next steps to my project are so that you can keep an eye out for what I am planning. 

In the future I plan to write information for the City of Decatur’s website about bike helmet safety. I also plan to create permanent signs on some of Decatur’s paths to help remind people about wearing helmets. Lastly, I plan on hosting a bike helmet drive, where the helmets will go to Decatur residents who may not bea ble to afford on.. 

Finally, if you would take this quick, anonymous survey about the blog posts I have made throughout the month of May, that would really help me out! Even if you have only read one out of the five posts I made, if you would still complete it, that would be fantastic and will help me to measure the impact of my project! 

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  1. decaturite says:

    Bike infrastructure is great and all, but we can’t even get sidewalks in Winnona Park connecting WPE and Talley Street Elementary. Kids are forced to share the road with aggressive drivers every day. Seems like fixing that should be top priority, but I’m pretty sure the city doesn’t care.

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