Decatur Active Living’s Employee Spotlight

As part of Park and Recreation Month, we are celebrating our Active Living employees! We are thankful for our dedicated employees who rise up to build strong, vibrant and resilient communities through the power of parks and recreation.

Our next Employee Spotlight is another professional in Decatur Active Living, Jada Jordan.

Jada is originally from Memphis, Tennessee but has been in Atlanta for almost 20 years. She has spent most of her career working with Children and Youth in sports and athletics.

Jada earned a college scholarship to play basketball and still plays and has a love for the sport. She loves coaching and empowering women and girls to be the best version of themselves.

She started with Decatur Active Living in 2017 as an Assistant Program Supervisor in athletics and is currently the Adult and Senior Program Supervisor. This new role has given her the chance to work closer with the adults in the community and she loves that it allows her to make deeper connections with the participants. She was very close to her grandmother so this position also allows her to have several surrogates and to do the things that she used to do with her like play bingo.

Sports, especially with youth, has always been a passion of Jada’s but her current position allows her to not only stay active but make sure that other adults have fun and stay healthy as well.

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